7 Interior Design Styles

Whether you are renovating, furnishing or decorating, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the interior design styles. There are so many amazing design styles to choose from, which suits you the best? Today, we’ve collected 6 popular design styles for you to have a better understanding and knowledge of interior design.

7 Ways to Create a Cozy Coffee Corner in Your Home

You might love to have a cozy office corner in your home to get your work done. A clean and clearly organized workspace is helpful for unnecessary distraction and good for focusing.  Nowadays, many offices and home interior designs are being infused together and the home office has become a trend in the interior design industry. It doesn’t matter that you have an extra room or not but you can make this corner in your bedroom, living room or even dining space. So today, we are sharing a few tips with you to create your own workspace.

6 Types of Kitchen Designs

If you are choosing a kitchen style or layout design, you might need to consider a few things before you start. Space is very important as the kitchen is the most chaotic place in a house. Be aware of your kitchen space, small or big, and the principle of the working triangle which creates a clear path between the area for stove, sink and refrigerator. Besides, there’s a lot of essentials in the kitchen such as cabinets, tables, chairs, appliances, and etc. Before you make the decision, here are 6 kitchen layout ideas you should know to ensure a functional kitchen space.

5 Home Decor Essentials that You Should Have

A beautiful home not just depends on a great designer but also home decor essentials that allow you to rotate your spaces easily. I’ve collected 7 home decor staples that can turn your home into a perfect one! Today, I will focus on the Scandinavian and minimalist style on these decor items but there are some items that just fit everywhere.